Sport Pole Series


The SportPole Series is designed to be used in any application where multiple or singular sports activities are being played and simultaneously require a premium lighting system. The 16’ two (2) piece sportpole is optimal for the avid sport enthusiast who requires the ability to “hit the court” at any time, day or night! This poles’ versatile sports court applications include; Pickleball, Tennis, Badminton, and Volleyball, which makes this series a perfect fit for the avid sportsperson or host! The sportpole comes standard with our Ultra High Lumen Output Scimitar LED Light, (2 Module Unit) emitting 23,000- 45,000 nominal lumens (per fixture) in Cool White color temperature. Or our Medium Size Court Ace - High Lumen Output LED Light, emitting 31,000 to 39,000 nominal lumens (per fixture) in Cool White color temperature. Comes standard with T4 and T5 optics. Additional optics may be available upon request, consult your sales rep for options or alternate luminaire types that might be available.


Pole Top: Fabricated from hot rolled carbon steel having a minimum yield of 55,000 PSI and conforms to ASTMA-500 grade C requirements. This section can be combined with the bottom pole section and used to light most homes or small recreational centers. This sectional pole’s size makes installation and maintenance easy for anyone without having to rent large specialty equipment.

Pole Bottom: Also composed of carbon steel and finished with a polyester thermosetting powder coat, it will stand up to the toughest weather conditions in your area. Supplied with a pivot anchor base plus bolts, each bottom pole is also drilled for the sporting applications mentioned above. For additional safety, the pivotal anchor base is supplied with two (2) locks to prevent unwarranted tampering and removal of those pivot bolts.


A set of four (4) fully galvanized 3/4” x 18” x 3” anchor bolts are provided standard. Each bolt comes with two (2) galvanized hex nuts and flat washers.

Spec Sheet - Scimitar LED Light

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Spec Sheet -
Court Ace LED Light

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Installation Instructions

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